Christina Wagner

“Do Better Every Day!” is Christina Wagner’s life motto. An influencer for good and a master networker, Christina, in a seemingly effortless manner, uses her natural wit, charm and sincerity to connect people. A social media marketer with a flair for fashion, Christina spreads her passion for “all things internet marketing” with everyone. Previously, Christina co-hosted and hosted several radio shows. She has been on the red carpet at many events interviewing celebrities and business owners.

Her latest endeavor, Your Business Ambassador draws on all that she has learned and created over the years. This includes marketing, business development, a digital magazine and her ability to connect the right people.“A Giver” is how friends, family and co-workers frequently describe Christina, who intentionally spreads sunshine and goodwill to worthy causes, local charities and to unsuspecting individuals. 

For years, Christina has held toy drives on her birthday at a variety of local businesses so that she can gather gifts for charities like St. Vincent de Paul, The Child Crisis Center and Florence Crittenton while encouraging people within her sphere of influence “to come together for the greater good!”

Balancing teenagers, family, friends, a career and giving back to the community is something Christina has been able to manage successfully. A proud mother of two children, her son Zephan is an avid skateboarder and her daughter Skye is starting her second year at Northern Arizona University. 

Christina was impressed by the process when Skye competed as a teen in the Miss United States pageant. While observing the commitment to community and sisterhood, Christina was compelled to get involved as a delegate. She was honored to win the title of Ms. Woman Arizona United States 2016 in April. In August she went on to compete in the national pageant and won the photogenic and Miss Congeniality awards.

“Amazing” is Christina Wagner’s favorite word, and coincidentally, a word that is used by her peers in Arizona Women In Media to describe her beautiful spirit and her contributions to her community. 

Christina Wagner